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How to Fix Dell Error Code 0146?

Dell error code 0146 started appearing after you update your windows computer started hanging a lot or freezes randomly and unable to recover from freezing state. The only way left with you is force shut down the computer and restart it will let you work again on your computer. Generally, this error appears with hard drive failure or the drive contains bad sectors prevent users from opening the system.

You can read our blog post help you to setup new dell windows 10 in computer and laptops. Read now How to Setup Your New Dell Windows 10 Computer/Laptop. But to fix various error codes you need to read methods and steps to fix Dell error code 0146.

Dell Error Code 0146

Steps to Fix Dell Error Code 0146:


Step1: Restart the system while pressing F2 to enter BIOS setup.

Step2: Now system setup screen will appear.

Step3: Now press right arrow until you reach exit menu.

Step4:`Now press down arrow to load optimized default options and press enter.


Step1: Press Windows and R together.

Step2: Now in run type regedit.exe and press enter.

Step3: Scan for the errors in registry and create a backup using export command.

Step4: Now fix the errors using commands.


Step1: Open my computers and right click on c drive.

Step2: Open properties now and in new dialogue box click on tools then select checkdisc button.

Step3: If it complete by 100% then there is no hardware error.


Step1: Reboot the system and press F12 till logo appears on screen in some computers 0 is the key for entering advanced boot menu.

Step2: In one time boot menu press down button for PSA diagnostics and select the option.

Step3: PSA begin and after encountering error follow on screen commands.

Call Dell Support Number 1-800-431-457 to Fix Various Dell Error Codes

If on following all the steps given in blog above Dell error code 0146 repair is not fixed you can call an expert. To get connected with Dell professionals you can call toll free Dell support number Australia and to get online help to fix various issues in Dell. Tech team of certified professionals is working here to fix the Dell computers problems with right approach.

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