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How to Restore Alienware Laptop to Factory Settings?

Dell Alienware is a gaming laptop which needs to be run smoothly without any error. In case if any technical error is faced with it then it is very important to get it resolved instantly under the control and supervision of technical experts.

Sometime the Dell Alienware computer shows sluggish performance and behind this there could be numerous reasons which are fixable and it should be fixed soon before it start impacting other software and tools. The common problems are like available RAM decline, Malware on computer, program takes too long to respond, registry error etc.

To fix such issues the users may need to contact with the technicians who will handle the whole concern remotely without visiting at the customer’s doorstep. The service charges charged by the users against restore Alienware laptop to factory settings are also low as compared to other technical service provider.

Restore Alienware Laptop to Factory Settings

The users can also check with the steps that have been mentioned below by the Dell tech support experts against the problem how to restore Alienware to factory settings.

Methods for How to Reset Alienware to Factory Settings:

Step 1: First of all the users are required to back up the data and information because while resetting the computer the personal data and saved data can be at risk. To start the resetting process press on the start button and type “Backup and Restore” in the search bar and then hit over the “Set up a Backup”.

Step 2: After this, need to insert the Alienware Respawn boot CD into the computer and launch it from the “My Computer” folder wait for the Symantec Ghost screen appears and when done remove the CD.

Step 3: Now need to open the CD tray box and then insert the Respawn Image DVD and when windows appear then click over the OK button

Step 4: After the configuration get finished then remove the CD and restart the computer.

To contact with the tech support service provider for Australian regions including Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and other part of Australia just reach at the Alienware support number Australia which is a toll free number and available 24 hours whole year.

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