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How to Solve Dell Laptop Not Waking Up From Sleep Mode Issue?

When you not perform any action on your Dell laptop for longer time it goes to sleep mode to minimize the battery consumption and save the energy. It happens either you have set time to go automatically into sleep mode or you can manually turn into sleep mode by pressing once the power button and wait for a while.

However, sometimes Dell laptop stuck in sleep mode and screen remains blank despite pressing power button or other keys on your computer. Other than sleep mode, if you face black screen problem, read now our blog How To Troubleshoot a Dell Laptop Black Screen. However, during the sleep mode state this kind of problems comes due to incorrect power state setting in the BIOS or a corrupted video driver and to solve this issue right steps are described here.

troubleshoot Dell laptop sleep mode

Steps to Fix Dell Laptop Not Waking Up From Sleep Mode Issue:

Step1: Verify the Computer Finishes Initial Power-Up (POST).

Most of the times computer will not attempt to hand off control to the operating system, hence if you try to wake up the computer and see a Dell logo screen with bar at the bottom and that bar fills up completely and disappears, means your PC has successfully complete the POST. To test these processes follow the steps given below.

  • Press the power button on your computer to resume the system from sleep mode.
  • If your computer does start, remove all power source from system including battery and wait for 10 seconds before you try again.
  • Now plug the power cord again including battery and then press power button again.

Step2: Update System BIOS, IRST (Intel Rapid) and Video Drivers

In various cases hibernate or sleep mode issue is caused due to outdated or incorrect BIOS settings or video drivers. So make sure keep your systems drivers regularly updated to avoid this kind of issue and run your system trouble-free.

Step3: Use of Lockup Troubleshooting to Fix Issues

However, if your Dell laptop doesn’t wake up from sleep mode and above discussed troubleshooting steps not resolved the issue, then your computer might be suffering with an underlying lockup problem and you need help of an expert to solve this issue. Here you need to call at Dell laptop support number Australia to get online assistance by experts and resolve the sleep mode problem with right approach.

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